About Sara

About Sara and her pots

Sara has been making pots since high school, now almost 40 years. She has maintained a professional studio for 30 years, doing shows and wholesaling her work all over the US. Her commitment to functional work has never wavered over the years because using a well made mug or bowl or pitcher enhances the  basic human activities  of eating and drinking and hopefully sharing the experiences with friends and family.

Caring for these pots

Stoneware is the most durable kind of clay so these pieces can go in the dishwasher and microwave. They can go in the oven, as long as the oven is NOT pre-heated first.

These pots are handmade

 Sara makes each pot by hand, throwing a lump of clay on the wheel and forming it into a usable piece of art. She then alters each piece, changing the shape in some small way to add interest.  Even though Sara makes multiples, each piece has its own character and feel. And there are glaze variations from firing to firing, as the  firing process has its own set of challenges.